Project Hodge Podge Reveal: Transforming a boring master bedroom into a relaxing escape

When I first see a clients space, my wheels start turning immediately. Most times I can visualize the space and what I would do with it. Project Hodge Podge’s master bedroom spoke to me immediately. The first thing I knew we needed to do was remove the headboard from the bed. Normally headboards are key, but in this case, the alcove needed to BE the headboard! I suggested a few options for the alcove, one option being wallpaper (I’m really into wallpaper right now, I’ll be revealing another project in a month or so with some killer wallpaper). But in the end we decided to go the rustic wood route, and I’m so glad we did, ’cause check out this bad-ass headboard!

master bedroom inspiration It was important to balance the rustic headboard with some more polished, soft elements. We did this by choosing light fixtures with gold touches. And adding other touches of gold, polished pieces throughout.

master bedroom inspiration You can’t see the original light fixture in the before photos above, but trust me when I say this is a HUGE improvement. And at $199 CAD this light fixture from Urban Barn was super affordable! #winning

master bedroom inspiration

IKEA launched the Grönadal chair with the 2017 catalogue, and it’s one of my favourites (check out all of my fave new prods from the catalogue here) , it’s a great piece that makes a statement and adds texture. Pair this bad boy with a classic sheepskin and throw pillow and it’s a show-stopper!

master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration This bench was “thrown together” with the leftover wood by her contractor who installed the headboard (and vanity). In order to soften it up and break up the wood, I’ve added a throw over it. (Top tip: Don’t sit your bare bum on here or you might get a sliver!)

master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration The alcove adjacent to the bed was also an interesting architectural element I felt we could use more effectively. I’m pretty sure I actually heard it say “Pssst homie, make me a vanity!”

Who am I to argue with an alcove?

With the newly added sconces and vanity, this is the now the perfect place for Miss Hodge Podge to do her make-up, or craft to her hearts content! We’ve used IKEA cabinets for the base, and instead of using generic, predictable hardware added some lovely knobs from Anthropologie. Details like this make a huge difference and can help make your space feel more personal.

master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration

Miss Hodge Podge is amazing at finding vintage pieces and she found this gorgeous dresser on Kijiji for a bargain! She sent me a link so I could confirm the style and size was appropriate and we were off to the races.

We also added doors to the closet to help it feel less like a cottage dorm room. 😉

master bedroom inspiration So there you have it, a boring master bedroom turns into a gorgeous and relaxing escape!


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