Project Reveal: The sweetest little girls room for the sweetest little girl

I think that the only thing better the seeing a space I design come to life, is seeing the final photography. When I get the email with the link to the photos, I start to get nervous and excited. Sometimes I do a dance. This time I squealed. I’m so excited to share these with you.

I have a few spaces from this project that I’ll reveal over the next few weeks, but for now, I’m going to start with my favourite room, because it’s just so darn sweet.

This project started as a guest room makeover, but when my clients shared the exciting news that they were expecting their third little bundle of joy, we did a 180 and transformed this space into their little girl’s room to make space for their little guy. Most of the spaces I worked on had existing furniture, but this room was a blank canvas, and what a glorious canvas it was! This room actually has the best light in the house, which made for amazing photos.

The goal was to make a room that could grow with her, with some simple decor changes this space can easily transition into her teens. With a room like this she may never move out.


Photography by: Heidi Lau   //   Design by: Me (check out my services here)

Project Hodge Podge Reveal: Transforming a boring master bedroom into a relaxing escape

When I first see a clients space, my wheels start turning immediately. Most times I can visualize the space and what I would do with it. Project Hodge Podge’s master bedroom spoke to me immediately. The first thing I knew we needed to do was remove the headboard from the bed. Normally headboards are key, but in this case, the alcove needed to BE the headboard! I suggested a few options for the alcove, one option being wallpaper (I’m really into wallpaper right now, I’ll be revealing another project in a month or so with some killer wallpaper). But in the end we decided to go the rustic wood route, and I’m so glad we did, ’cause check out this bad-ass headboard!

master bedroom inspiration It was important to balance the rustic headboard with some more polished, soft elements. We did this by choosing light fixtures with gold touches. And adding other touches of gold, polished pieces throughout.

master bedroom inspiration You can’t see the original light fixture in the before photos above, but trust me when I say this is a HUGE improvement. And at $199 CAD this light fixture from Urban Barn was super affordable! #winning

master bedroom inspiration

IKEA launched the Grönadal chair with the 2017 catalogue, and it’s one of my favourites (check out all of my fave new prods from the catalogue here) , it’s a great piece that makes a statement and adds texture. Pair this bad boy with a classic sheepskin and throw pillow and it’s a show-stopper!

master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration This bench was “thrown together” with the leftover wood by her contractor who installed the headboard (and vanity). In order to soften it up and break up the wood, I’ve added a throw over it. (Top tip: Don’t sit your bare bum on here or you might get a sliver!)

master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration The alcove adjacent to the bed was also an interesting architectural element I felt we could use more effectively. I’m pretty sure I actually heard it say “Pssst homie, make me a vanity!”

Who am I to argue with an alcove?

With the newly added sconces and vanity, this is the now the perfect place for Miss Hodge Podge to do her make-up, or craft to her hearts content! We’ve used IKEA cabinets for the base, and instead of using generic, predictable hardware added some lovely knobs from Anthropologie. Details like this make a huge difference and can help make your space feel more personal.

master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration master bedroom inspiration

Miss Hodge Podge is amazing at finding vintage pieces and she found this gorgeous dresser on Kijiji for a bargain! She sent me a link so I could confirm the style and size was appropriate and we were off to the races.

We also added doors to the closet to help it feel less like a cottage dorm room. 😉

master bedroom inspiration So there you have it, a boring master bedroom turns into a gorgeous and relaxing escape!


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Project woodland whimsy: The Reveal

whimsical boys bedroom Designing a kids rooms is great because it allows you to push the creative envelope and create a space that inspires creativity and imagination. The inspiration for this room, came from my client, she requested a woodland theme, and it was up to me to bring that to life in a way that was subtle and not over the top. Click here to learn more about the inspiration, and initial designs for this room along with the before photos!

whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom The grey lower half of the wall is actually chalkboard paint. This provides a creative outlet, but even if it’s not used, adds a nice detail to the space.

I loveeeee the adorable table and chairs I found on Wayfair, the blue detail works well with the room. I intentionally used varying colours of blue to help the space feel more dynamic. I find too many people stick with one colour and repeat it throughout the room making it feel a bit one dimensional and matchy-matchy. And if you’ve read any of my blogs or watched my videos, than you know how I feel about being matchy-matchy. No beuno.

whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom Picture ledges serve as book shelves providing additional storage, the books also double as art in the room. As her little guy grows, these ledges can be used to display his creations or eventually just framed art.

The custom window shade infuses colour, I often recommend that clients invest in custom window treatments. Not only do they look more polished but having the ability to select the exact fabric and darkness you want makes it worth the investment.

whimsical boys bedroom Sometimes you gotta just embrace certain elements in a space by turning them into art, or something playful, like we did with this radiator!

whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom whimsical boys bedroom

Let me know what you think, I love this adorable little room and from what I’ve heard he’s been having some great sleeps in his new house bed, I hope he’s also feeling inspired and creative here as well! [line]

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Project My Home Office: I’ve made progress!

Toronto Interior Designer

You ready to see how far I’ve gotten with my office? I’m pretty freaken’ pumped about this space and how productive its made me over the last couple of months.

It’s not where close to looking how I want it to decor-wise, but I’ve had to pump the breaks on that front, but the space is totally functional and rocking my world!

Here’s a quick list of items I still need…

  • Roman shades for the window
  • Proper trim for the floors
  • Small round side table beside chair in reading nook
  • New desk lamp
  • Rug
  • Light fixture (yes, the shameful dangler lives on)
  • Inbox tray for desk
  • Art and frames walls
  • Art for frames on cabinets
  • More white boards (although, I’m considering adding cork boards into the mix, we’ll see)
  • Decor and accessories for my desk
  • Decor and accessories for the cabinets

I try to take some time each morning to sit here and read, I am desperate for a table for my morning coffee though, the floor isn’t cutting it.

Toronto Interior Designer This right here, is where I’m sitting RIGHT NOW writing this post. And let’s just say…it’s glorious.

Toronto Interior Designer Toronto Interior Designer All my client files have a home now! I’m hanging another one of these cause it’s still not enough, and of course I need to tidy it up, it’s looking a bit of a hot mess right now.

Toronto Interior Designer Toronto Interior Designer Toronto Interior Designer

So this is where I’m at, I will of course get you an update when I make more progress.

interior designer

Project Woodland Whimsy: Inspiration and Design Direction

It’s pretty cool when a client project makes me realize something about myself I didn’t know. And what I didn’t know is that I’m super into designing kids rooms.

If you know me at all, than this may come as a shock, given I don’t have kids, and don’t plan on having kids. I’ve helped two friends with their nursery’s and I’ve designed two kids rooms, and turns out, I really love how creative it allows me to be.

The thing with kids rooms is that there is a very fine line between creating a space with a theme in mind, and just taking a theme too far. It’s important to let the theme inspire the design, but not let it completely define it.

The Before

The space is currently very much a nursery, and it’s time to transform this room to be more age appropriate for her little guy. The room isn’t very big, so we can really only fit a twin bed in the space. As you can see though, the room has amazing light!

whimsical boys room whimsical boys room whimsical boys room

The Inspiration


Sometimes when I work with clients they give me a few ideas they’d like to see in the space, the request for this room was a house bed. I love when clients have a vision I can help bring to life!

whimsical boys room [ LOW-PROFILE SHELVING ]

The bedroom isn’t very big, so the idea of low profile shelving (picture ledges repurposed to hold books) is a great option to maximize storage in smaller spaces. This inspiration photo comes from Amber Interiors, which is still holding on to the top spot in my top 5 favourite designers.


This image was pinned by my client. I love this because it’s got the woodland vibe we’re after after, and provides a creative outlet for her little guy with the chalkboard. It also shows me she’s not afraid of a dark wall.

The Concept

I presented two concepts to my client, and she was a bit torn. And to honest, so was I! But she decided to follow her gut and her heart and move forward with the whimsical woodland concept.

Here is one of the elevation drawings I did for the main wall, we’re going to have a graphical wall which will use chalkboard paint and give the impression of mountains! She has an older home with lots of radiators, these can be a pain at times, but I decided to work with it and turn it into a fun element in the room by painting it a glossy blue that will compliment the dresser and other elements in the space. I intentionally didn’t match the blue in the dresser because if you know me at all by now, than you know I try to avoid the matchy-matchy look. Instead I want the two to work well together as opposed to feel like they match. whimsical boys room

Tip for selecting paint colour and fabrics

When you’re selecting paint colour and fabrics, it’s important that you compare them to the elements in the room. Obtain swatches of each colour and fabric, so you can holding each up against the furniture and/or decor in your space.

In this case all the elements in the room are new so I don’t have them to compare to. If the selections for the room were wood tones or white, then I am sure all the colours selected would work. But one of the selections is that amazing blue dresser, and this is the colour that I used as a jumping off point for other colours in the room, so in order to ensure the fabrics and paint colours work I need to see that dresser in person first.

Never use images online for colour, monitor calibration can impact the colour on an image and really lead you astray, the best thing to do is to go in person to the store with swatches and check it out. What I’ll do is colour match the dresser to a paint swatch in my paint book. That way I’ll always know the exact colour of the dresser whenever I need it.

whimsical boys room

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress in this adorable room. Let me know what you think!


House Bed Inspiration: Solebich | Low-Profile Shelf Inspiration: Amber Interiors | Chalkboard Wall Inspiration: Apartment Therapy | Kids Table: Land of Nod | Sconce: Crate & Barrel | Light Fixture: Pottery Barn | Fabric: Tonic Living | House Bed: Kids at Home | Blanket: Land of Nod | Chairs: Target | Hamper: Potter Barn | Rug: Ikea | Fox Head: Land of Nod | Wanderer Pillow: Land of Nod | Yellow Pillow: Ikea | Fox Pillow: Target | Dresser: CB2 | Wall Colour: Gray Sky 2131-70 | Mountains: Racoon Fur 2126-30 | Radiator Paint: Seaside Blue 2054-50

interior designer

Project My home Office: That’s right I’ve become my client

I’ve been working from home for over a year now, and up until now that’s meant working at the kitchen table, going to Starbucks or working at a desk in our less than inspiring guest bedroom upstairs.

Needless to say it’s not the ideal situation. My client files need proper homes. I need organization in my life! So I’m turning my second (useless) guest bedroom into my home office.

I am so freaken’ pumped I can’t even stand it.

Let’s just say the current state of my “guest bedroom” is shameful. Calling it a guest bedroom is a generous term. It’s more of a hoarders paradise. Here’s some photos, which perfectly illustrate my utter shame. Just because I’m an interior decorator doesn’t mean I don’t have my own problem areas in my home.

Home Office Ideas Home Office Ideas Home Office Ideas Home Office Ideas

I recently hosted a workshop outlining the five steps I take anytime I tackle any decorating project. I can’t stress enough how important these steps are, and I use them even when decorating my own home.


Well, because I want to ensure that I create the best space to suit my needs, ensure I don’t buy stuff that doesn’t fit (aka waste money and/or time), and I want it to reflect my personality and have the right vibe!

Step 1: Establish must-haves for my office

This step is SO IMPORTANT and the pictures above, perfectly illustrate this. If I had taken the time to think about how I want to use that room before going guns blazing and making it a guest bedroom, I wouldn’t have wasted money on a bed that never was used and a bunch of other stuff that was never used in this space. To be clear, I already have a guest bedroom. It’s been used a handful of times, guess how many times this SECOND guest bedroom was used.

If you guessed none you’d be right.

So, please, take the time to figure out what you need from your room!

Home Office Ideas

(This picture was taken at 4pm. Yes, those are pyjamas. This is the life of an entrepreneur!)

After becoming one with my room, I determined my must-haves.

  • A desk (duh)
  • I’d rather not have my desk bumped up against a wall
  • A chair that is going to keep my back happy
  • Storage
  • A dedicated space and storage for clients (inspiration photos, fabrics, notes, paint swatches, etc)
  • Wall filing to have my clients files at my fingertips
  • Spots for my printers
  • An area to sit and read or relax
  • An dedicated area that allows me to keep my video set-up ready to go, whenever the mood to film video hits me.

Wow. I’m a demanding client.

Step 2: Find inspiration

It’s always good to find some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, but be careful not to spiral in this stage. I simply did a quick check of some interior design home office on Pinterest, created a board and pinned a few images to get me started.

Step 3: I prepared a floor plan and drew elevations

Yup. This magical step is my favourite. It’s the most important in my opinion. It’s what ensures you find appropriate sized furniture and design a space that works for you.

I took the time to measure my room, and any furniture I am keeping.

From there drew out the space in I started to place all the furniture I wanted. When I’m in this step, I generally will search the internet to see if furniture in the sizes I’m inserting exist.

Here’s my final floor plan… Home Office Ideas Step 4: Sourcing

This is the step that can become overwhelming, and you might find yourself paralyzed with decisions. This is when you’ll want to review your “must-have” list, your inspiration and your floor plan to help make tough decisions. Stick to your plan and make decisions accordingly.

I took the time to scour some of my favourite (affordable) websites and here is the design schematic I landed on.

[A design schematic is a complete room design similar to a mood board, but it includes all the selected furniture and decor for the space] Home Office Ideas

Structube: Chair  |  CB2: Light fixture  |  IKEA: Filing System  |  IKEA: Frames  |  Art: Lila & Lola  | CB2: Magnetic Clips  |  Structube: Desk  |  Structube: Lamp  | IKEA: Filing Cabinet  | Structube: Red Chair  | Tonic Living: Fabrics

Next step is implementation! I’m sooo excited to start making my home office come to life. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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Project Neutral Nursery: 5 Ideas for a Gender Neutral Nursery

I’ve got another nursery project on the go and once again, I’m super excited to create a space that will inspire a new little human (and the parents, of course).

My clients want a space that is gender neutral, but struggled with what they wanted exactly.

Will it be a Harry Potter theme?

Maybe a superhero theme?

I try to avoid “themed” nurseries for the most part. And instead think about what will inspire the room. The thing with a nursery is that the parents will actually spend a great deal of time in the room for the first year or two, which means the space should also appeal to them, it should feel child-friendly and inspired, but still have style and feel like a space you, the parent, want to hang out in. You want to create comfortable and relaxed space, and if you’re surrounded by a space that is overly themed or too juvenile, you might just start going crazy at those 3 am feedings! Not to mention you’ll want a space that can easily grow with your child with minimal additional investment in the future.

Here’s a few inspiration ideas to help you do that.

Animal Inspired Nursery

Here’s what I know, these guys love cats. Now, I could go the obvious route and just have a cat-themed room, but themed rooms can quickly become kitschy if you’re not careful. Instead, why not draw inspire your babies love of animals with loveable, quirky animal prints that make a great conversation piece and add the right amount of cute without minimal cheese factor.


Painted Ceiling

Ok, ok, this isn’t a gender neutral example, but I do like the unexpected painted ceiling. This gives your baby something colourful to look at as opposed to just a boring white ceiling. An alternative to this is a wallpapered ceiling. If budget is a priority, than painting your ceiling is much easier on the wallet.

Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

Grey with pops of colour

This is a great solution that allows the room to grow with your child. You can easily change the feel of the room with changes in decor and colour.

Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration Gender Neutral Nursery InspirationCompletely neutral with minimal colour

By using minimal colour, you keep the room relaxing, stylish and sophisticated. (Oh and look, our furry friends have made another appearance!)

Gender Neutral Nursery InspirationGender Neutral Nursery InspirationGender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

 A Bold Statement Wall

Sometimes you just want to wow factor. The statement wall can be any colour you want, by adding a saturated colour to one wall (preferably behind the crib) we create a focal point in the room that packs some punch!

Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration

Project Hodge Podge: Coffered Ceilings Ideas and Inspiration

Coffered Ceiling IdeasI love coffered ceilings! There’s a caveat though (it’s there always?)…leaving them in their original wood state can make them feel a wee bit dated. I’m working on a new client project that has gorgeous coffered ceilings and my goal is to transform them into beautiful current day gorgeousness. Before I get into some coffered ceilings ideas…let’s chat a bit about Project Hodge Podge.

I feel like you’re going to hear me say this a lot. But I love my clients. And this new one is no exception…she’s awesome, her house is awesome, it’s all awesome. This home has insane amounts of potential, and I can’t wait to transform it into the dream home it deserves to be. Right now the home is a “hodge podge” (her words not mine!) of stuff. And I’m going to turn it into a space that feels welcoming and one she and her husband can be proud of (I predict more dinner parties in their future).

Speaking of her husband, he’s a super talented photographer, and we’re going to use his beautiful photos to add personality, not to mention beauty to their walls. Check out his stuff here (amazing stuff, right? How lucky am I?).

So, here’s a picture of where we’re at today.

Coffered Ceiling Ideas Before

What did I tell ya? Pure potential here, right!?

Let’s get to the coffered ceiling ideas and inspiration, shall we. The goal is to paint the wood white, and clean up the rough plaster surfaces. This will really brighten the space up and help it feel less dated. I haven’t decided if we stick with white, or maybe add a light tint of the colour you see in the kitchen, in the square sections like they’ve done below. This would help tie the space together and create cohesiveness. Lot’s to think about!

Coffered Ceiling Ideas Image Source

Coffered Ceiling Ideas
Image Source

Coffered Ceiling Ideas

Image Source

Coffered Ceiling IdeasImage Source

Coffered Ceiling IdeasImage Source

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Project Mish Mash: Gallery Wall Ideas and Inspiration

Gallery Wall Ideas

I’m working on a client project that has me so insanely inspired I can’t even handle it! When she send me images of her current home, I couldn’t help but notice her absolutely amazing collection of art. I’m talking beautiful photography, gorgeous paintings and interesting sculptures.

And lots of it.

I grew up with a father who is an artist, so I have an appreciation for art, and for a while, my home was actually a legit gallery. People could stop and come in to look at the art. Needless to say, I’m no stranger to a gallery wall.

My client has a long wall which I’m pretty sure pleaded with me, because I swear I heard it say… “pstttt, dream homie, turn me into a gallery wall!”

Who am I to argue with a wall?

So began my search for gallery wall inspiration.

Gallery Wall Gallery Wall Gallery Wall Gallery Wall Gallery Wall Gallery Wall Ideas Gallery Wall Ideas Gallery Wall Ideas

Designers & Source: Bedroom 1: Lauren Liess | Bedroom 2: Unknown | Bench: Unknown | Living Room 1: West Elm | Living Room 2: Ariel Ashe | Last three images: Lene Rønfeldt

interior designer