My First Holiday Home Tour!

Have I mentioned professional photos are my absolute favourite thing ever? I could not be happier with these photos, which my amazing photographer managed to get to me just in the nick of time! My house is by no means finished as far as its decorating is concerned, we’re missing rugs and key furniture but you do the best with what you have and you make it work. And that’s just what I did with my holiday decor. Have a peek at this years decor, next year might not happen as we’re hoping to do renovations at the end of the year, so you’ll likely see these all again next year, so once you see them erase them from your memory (or don’t, and just enjoy them all over again next year). Wishing you all a very happy holiday day season. xo

Photography by Heidi Lau.

Few Snaps of My Christmas Tree

I was hoping to get some photos out earlier of the holiday decor in my home, but we get our tree pretty late so I don’t have them all back yet. But my amazing photographer (Heidi Lau), managed to slip me a couple shots of my tree while I wait for the others.

Every year we go to Drysdale to chop down our own tree. Sadly, this year we couldn’t find a decent tree to save our lives. So, we ended up going with a pre-chopped tree. And it’s the most perfect one we’ve had yet! Here’s a few snaps from our tree adventure and the final product. I’ll share some more photos once I have them!

Photography by Heidi Lau (last two, the other crap photos are yours truly)