The Renegade Desk; Not your Average Desk

I’ve met a lot of people since I decided to say good-bye to corporate life to forge my own path as an interior decorating in Toronto, many also sharing aspirations to change the world one throw pillow at a time with their amazing products and services, people like Domi and Mike from Bizness Rebels who have launched the Renegade Desk, which helps badass Entrepreneurs work from wherever they feel most inspired!

This desk sounded like it was for me, I mean, I’m clearly a Renegade, right? So, I obviously needed to test this desk out! Check out how easy it was to set up, and my initial thoughts.

It turns out it actually does come with instructions, but the one I was given just didn’t have them, but as you can see it’s so easy that you probably don’t need them. I’ve used the desk a bunch of times, mostly when I want to stretch out my legs from being in front of a computer all day. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I asked Mike if I could test it out because I was genuinely interested in it, and it just seemed like a great product I though maybe you, my Homie, might benefit from, because you’re clearly also a Renegade!

Here’s five reason’s why the Renegade Desk rocks my world!

  1. It’s super compact and you can literally bring it anywhere.
  2. The easel is super sturdy, it seems like it can easily withstand being taken from location to location without breaking!
  3. Has a carrying case for the easel.
  4. You can pick from various finished from reclaimed wood to yellow!
  5. While it’s marketed to Entrepreneurs it’s really a desk that anyone can benefit from, early stages of research is showing that a standing desk can have lots of health benefits, I bet your current desk can’t do that!

If you want to know more about the desk, click here!

Lauren Liess’ Habitat The Field Guide to Decorating Book Review

Lauren Liess Habitat

Let me fill you in on a little something about me.

I have an addiction.

I’m seriously addicted to interior decorating and design books.

I’ve had to create a hard rule for myself. I’m not allowed to buy a new decorating book until I finish the last one I bought. I can’t help it! I love to learn about new styles, be inspired by gorgeous interiors and peek inside the creative minds of interior designers and decorators.

I read every word, take notes and stare at every photo for creepy amounts of time.

I stumbled across Lauren Liess’ blog ‘Pure Style Home‘ before I ever heard about the book she wrote. It was then that I fell in love with her aesthetic. I loved the natural and earthy vibe I got from her style, it’s classic without being too formal.

Lauren Liess loves the outdoors and in her words “likes things simple, relaxed and natural…” She loves creating a strong sense of place with architectural character in homes.

Lauren designs the kind of spaces you imagine yourself cuddling up with a comfy blanket, a good book (uhhhh, maybe hers?) and enjoying a glass of wine (or two) in.

So, the second I was allowed (I have a rule now, remember!), I hit up Indigo to grab my copy of her book Habitat The Field Guide to Decorating. It certainly did not disappoint, learn more in this video about why I loved it!

If you watched the video than you know, this book is my absolute fave right now! The second I got it and started flipped and checking out the interiors featured throughout I was blown away.

What I find the most interesting, is that it’s not the typical aesthetic I gravitate towards, which I think is why I enjoyed it that much more.

I mean, come on. I’m not even into the book and it’s already mind-blowing.

And then this. #wowsahs

Lauren Liess Habitat And the gorgeousness goes on and on my friend.

Lauren Liess Habitat On and on.

Lauren Liess Habitat

Oh, and you know what else? I posted one of her interior photos on my Facebook page, tagging her in it. And she liked it.




You can see the image I posted here (and you’ll likely see her name, beside the like)! You should probably like my Facebook page while you’re at it. 😉

What’s your favourite interior design book? Let me know in the comments!


Consignment Furniture Toronto: Elle and Eve

Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve I had been Instagram stalking Elle and Eve for some time now. Needless-to-say, I was really excited when I finally had the chance to check them out in person. To say it didn’t disappoint would be the understatement of the year. They legit had me at hello. Judy, who greeted me, made me feel so comfortable, plus I struck gold the moment I stepped in, and by gold I mean, a gold lamp! Not two feet from the door, I found the perfect lamp for the guest bedroom I’ve been working on for my in-laws, for only $60 (scroll down for image).

Everywhere I looked I was in love, this place actually brought joy to my heart, who knew a consignment furniture store could do that?

If you need a few more reasons to put Elle and Eve on your Toronto consignment furniture store hit-list (whoa, that sounds darker than I wanted it to), than keep reading.

This consignment furniture store has some seriously unique stuff!

While checking out the Elle and Eve website I stumbled upon their mission…Elle and Eve is committed to providing high value, quality merchandise and hand-selected items that ignite a passion for developing individual style.

Colour me ignited, people! Check out some of the cool stuff I found on their Instagram below! It’s amazeballs.

Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Vintage Typewriters Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Vintage Mixer Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Vintage Dining Set Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Couch and Coffee Table

Elle and Eve is super affordable!

I bought a lamp (the base of the lamp is pictured in the title image, it was $13), a vintage lighter and ashtray, a vase, a couple of vintage books, a silver trimmed bowl, a pewter plate, and a steel bowl, for only $56.16.

Can you even? I sure can’t! How the heck did I pay so little?

Well, it’s simple (and kinda fun!), Elle and Eve will list the starting price for a period of time, then if it doesn’t sell they lower the price. The longer an item stays on the shelf, the lower the price gets! Let’s use my lamp as an example (see images below)…it’s listed for $60, but on April 18, if this little gem is still hanging around the price goes down to $48, etc. So, the question I’m asking myself is should I wait until April 18 to hope it’s still around at the better price?

Hell no! This lamp is not sticking around that long; I’m lucky if it’ll still be there when I head back today. So please, keep your fingers crossed for me, I’ll post an update later today.

UPDATE: Success! I snagged the lamp today, I may have squealed when I walked up and saw it still there!

Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Vintage Gold Lamp Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Vintage Pricing Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Pretty Dish Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Vintage metal Dish Consignment Furniture Toronto - Elle and Eve Vintage Lighter & Ashtray

Elle and Eve has Judy, the awesomest saleslady, ever!

Seriously, Judy was ah-may-zing. As I said earlier, she greeted me perfectly, and made me feel so comfortable. But my favourite thing was that she would celebrate and get excited right along with me when I found things I loved (which was often). It never felt fake; I loved her genuine, sincere personality. To me, the people working the stores are as important as what the store actually has to sell, shitty salespeople will have me walking right back out the door immediately. But Judy has me excited to go back, cause she helped make the experience even more enjoyable.

Interior Design - Work with Me
Whether you’re in Toronto or another city, I recommend finding a consignment furniture store where you can take advantage of unique, affordable finds. This is a great way to bring personality into your home.

So tell me, have you hit up a consignment furniture store? Are there any that you love or plan on hitting up soon? I’d love to hear from you.

Consignment Furniture Toronto: Elle and Eve is located at 50 Samor Road, Toronto, ON