Ep 10: How to determine and define your style

Well, I’ve hit a milestone, peeps! This is my 10th episode, and I’m pretty damn pumped because I can only imagine things are going to get better and better as I iron out the kinks (how many times can I accidentally go live on my personal page?!), and continue to work on making this weekly show more entertaining and informative. This week we’re talking about how to determine and define your style! This is a common question I get asked often and it’s so important to do before you start filling your room with the “stuff”.

(This video is recorded from a Facebook LIVE session)

In this episode, I talk about:

  • How my championship roller derby game went down
  • Why I’m mad at UPS
  • My online shop? (did you know I had one?)
  • How to determine and define your style

Why you should determine and name your style

  • So your home feels like you!
  • It’ll help with decisions – the reality is you’re going to love a lot of things, but you need to know when to say no and when to keep walking, if you understand your style and
  • It’ll help you declutter and purge!

The style wheel

So most people don’t actually know what styles exist! Emily Henderson’s book “Styled” (which I highly recommend), has an amazing tool she calls the Style Wheel, which is a lot like the colour wheel.

The wheel helps you determine which styles will work well together when you inevitably realize you are drawn to more than one (most people generally like 2-3 styles).

The best way to do this without your space looking a hot mess, is to ensure that the styles you select are complimentary. The wheel progresses clockwise starting at most scaled-back styles (Scandinavian and Minimalist) to the most ornate (Traditional).

Emily Henderson the Style Wheel

How to use Emily’s style wheel to define your style!

  1. Perform a Google or Pinterest search for each of the styles on the style wheel to familiarize yourself with the various styles and determine which side of the wheel you sit on.
  2. Create a Pinterest board to pin all the styles that you’re most drawn to, be sure to include the name of the style when you pin them!
  3. Review your Pinterest board and note of which style appears the most, this will be your dominant style.
  4. If you have more than one style pinned, use the Style Wheel to check out its adjacent style to ensure it compliments your dominant style.
  5. Name your style (example, mine is Mid-century modern with a touch of rustic)! Naming your style serves as a filter and which makes the decision making process easier.

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Ep 9: Why floor planning is so important and a simple free tool that can help!

In episode 9 I talked about one of the most important steps relating to designing and decorating, that’s right we’re talking about floor planning. It’s a real pain I get it, but there are free tools you can use to make your life easier. Watch the episode here!


What’s new, yo? Another reveal is coming soon!

I’m suuuuppperrr excited for my upcoming photoshoot this week, I’m photographing three spaces in a client’s home and let me tell you, I love all the rooms, but I extra super love the little girls room. It’s going to be a good reveal, I promise you that. I’ll give you one teaser…


This badass wallpaper. you’ve been teased!

I’m playing in the championship roller derby game tomorrow night!

I’m playing roller derby tomorrow in our championship game, and I could not be more excited (and I won’t lie, nervous!). We’re playing for first place. For alllll the marbles. For the boot. That’s right, the boot which is the Stanley Cup of our derby league.

Toronto Roller Derby - Holly Rocket

I need less of this to happen….

Toronto Roller Derby - Holly Rocket

And a heck more of this to happen!

Floor planning

If you want to avoid costly mistakes like buying furniture that is too big, or too small! Then you need to be floor planning. In this episode I show you how easy it is to use free tools online (roomle.com is the one I use in this video), and a few tips to get you going.

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Ep 8: Three tips for styling bookshelves and a project reveal!

Today I’m giving three tips to help you style shelves, plus, I’ve got another project reveal for ya and some other fun stuff of course. Have a watch here, and keep reading below for additional information!


What’s new, yo!

I’ve been doing a lot of finishing touches packages for clients, which is where I come in and assess the rooms needs and shop till I drop (almost literally), and then go in for a day of styling. After doing these a bunch of times, I realized that carrying a bunch of HEAVY bags is not a good time. it was time to recruit some help, and I wish that meant an assistant (#goals). What it actually meant was that it was time to channel my old lady with this bad boy.

Yep. I my pal here came with me to Yorkdale Mall and didn’t care about any weird looks. I’ll be honest though, even this thing couldn’t save me. I had to do three trips to the car!

I’m gettin’ mindful!

I’ve been really trying to work on mindfulness. My mind is basically ALWAYS racing (which is quite normal I’m told, apparently we have about 50,000-70,000 per day, crazy right!?). A client of mine told me about this nine-week program that changed her life. It helps you work on stress and get in better touch with yourself! You can learn about it here.

(PS The book we’re reading in this program that I couldn’t remember is ‘Full Catastrophe Living‘ – how’s that for a name?)

Full Catastrophe Living

Another project reveal!

I also revealed another project which I’m super excited about! Read more about it here.

master bedroom inspiration

Homie Tip

“If you wouldn’t buy it today, then don’t keep it. Love everything in your house. It should all bring you joy. And yes, we all have better halves who won’t let us get rid of stuff, but chip chip chip, you can eventually chip away at that rock.”

– Our homie, Lynda B.

Homie Q&A (become a homie here)

The first question I answer comes from Allison…
“Hey homies ! Looking for a large mirror maybe ? Any ideas ? Drop photos below! Thanks !”

One of our homies actually suggested not using a mirror here and instead creating a gallery wall. And I tend to agree, I would instead hang large art above the couch. What’s difficult in this layout is that the couch is tight to the wall on one side, making it impossible to centre art above the couch without if feeling off. What I suggest is hanging art centred to the wall and finding a side table and lamp (space permitting) to help make the art seem centred to the furnishings below. These photos help visually show what I mean (images from Pinterest).

The second question comes from Julie, and she asks…
“What you you put in built-in bookcases for them to look up to date?”

I love styling bookshelves! It is definitely an art though, for a detailed explanation on how to approach shelf styling watch the video above and fast forward to 29:09 to get right to it. 🙂

3 tips for styling shelves 3 tips for styling shelves

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Ep 7: How to transform a living room from cold to cozy in 7 simple steps!

Hopefully you’ve come here because you say episode 7 of Homie Happy Hour! If you haven’t seen it you can visit my Facebook page to watch the replay. I tested out some new technology today, I’m excited to be able to do more in these episode than I could before.

Here’s a quick overview of what I talked about in Episode 7!


My Trip to Paris!

Paris was amazing, if you want to check out some of my favourite pics from the trip click the links below:

My roller derby team is going to champs!

If you’ve been following me you know I play roller derby and our team has been working hard to take the boot home (let’s call it the Stanley Cup of our league), I’m happy to say that we’ve made it to champs where we’ll be playing for first!

Channelling my inner Michael Jackson! This was me channelling my inner Michael Jackson at during the game. 😉

Me as Michael Jackson a few years back. I freaked myself out with how much I looked like him.

Project Woodland Whimsey Reveal!

Click here to see the transformation of a little boys nursery into an adorable woodland inspired oasis!

whimsical boys bedroom

I’ve launched Decor Coaching 

You guys asked and I listened! I recently sent out a survey asking where people need the most help with their home. Decor coaching had an overwhelming response! I have launched this service and am offering 25% off to one person while I flush out the service. The regular price for four hours is $499, I’ll be offering it to one person for $375. Click here to complete the following form by May 25th.

Homie Q&A (question from my Private Facebook Group)

Sherill Asks…
“Need some recommendations on how to make our house feel a bit more homey. My husband and I rarely share the same vision…I want to repaint the ivory hutch behind the couch- looking for a recommendation on paint (thinking dark slate or blue gray) we need some type of coffee table/ottoman/tray in the living room, a more colorful area rug under the dining room table that hides food stains, some type of table centerpiece/decoration. We have black pottery barn napoleon chairs for the dining room but they aren’t in this picture because we are painting them from green to black.”

Living Room Before Styling Living Room Before Styling

Living Room After Styling

I decided to focus on just the living room, which hopefully Sherill can use as a starting point to the other rooms.

  1. Coffee table & accessories: I’ve added a coffee table with a new finish
  2. Bamboo Shade: Adding a bamboo shade helps the window feel more polished as well as add a nice texture and natural feel into the space. Adding colour on the shade would compete with the art that is placed beside it, this allows the art to stand out.
  3. Bold light fixture: Whenever I’m designing a room I always consider sightlines, in this case I’m thinking about the sightline from the room that is connected, I want to ensure that what someone sees when sitting on that couch is beautifully framed and part of that is a beautiful statement light fixture.
  4. A tall plant: Plants are key in any room, they add life, colour, texture and height!
  5. Style the top of your armoire: Many people forget to pay attention to the tops of tall furniture, it’s a great opportunity to add texture and help the space feel cozier, in this space I’ve added baskets to help add more texture into the room.
  6. Layer a lamp and vases in front art: People are often afraid to layer things in front of art, in my opinion layering decor in front of art helps ad depth and interest.
  7. Throw pillows: Adding a few additional throw pillows will help add more pattern, colour and coziness. You might consider also adding a throw blanket over the back of the couch.

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