Feast your eyes on the stunning apartment we stayed in while in Paris!

By now you’ve probably seen many of my favourite photos from my recent trip to Paris (more links at the end of this post). But what I haven’t shown you yet, was the stunning apartment we stayed in. Full disclosure, these photos are from the rental companies web site, photographing interiors is really difficult and the photos I took did not do it justice.

I love travelling with Dave and his family, not only do they plan the best trips, but they choose the best accommodations. Instead of experiencing the trip from a hotel room (whomp whomp), we literally live like locals! This apartment was right in the heart of Paris overlooking the Palais Royale. It felt so authentic and also allowed us to take a break from eating out and cook our own meals. Highly recommend this place. A beautiful backdrop to share laughs, sip wine (more than I’d like to admit), and eat more than our share of baguettes. Bonus: there were 91 stairs to get up to our apartment (after the 10th time going up, we decided we needed to count them), which meant that we could offset some of the wine and cheese we enjoyed. There was an elevator but we opted out.

stunning paris rental apartment The main living room where we all hung out while in the apartment (aka sipped wine)

stunning paris rental apartment I loved these beautiful chevron floors!

stunning paris rental apartment A few falls down this, pretty [slippery] staircase, so many laughs (I’m a jerk)

stunning paris rental apartment
The view of the Palais Royale. No big deal.

 Our room was off the main living area.

Even the doors were gorgeous!

Our massive en-suite bathroom (every room had one!)

The most charming bedroom where Dave’s parents stayed, wood beams, an amazing terrace and sloped ceilings

Amazing, right?

Their amazing view off the terrace!!!

Master bedroom en-suite, not too shabs.

The second upstairs bedroom, this was also super charmsville.

The second upstairs bedroom en-suite.

Check out some other sights from my recent trip to Paris here:

Today’s 10 (and then some) photos from our Chateau Adventures!

Today we visited three amazing castles, two of white are privately owned. Ya, privately owned. Weird, right? Dave decided to see how much it would cost to buy a castle in France, on the high end we’re talking $25 million euros and on the low end, there were a few for $850 thousand euros. Who wants a castle in France?!!!

Chateau Chenonceau Château de Chenonceau, which is said to be the most beautiful Château in Paris.

Chateau Chenonceau Chateau Chenonceau So much wallpaper and tapestries in all the castles we visited! It’s so cool to see trends dating so far back come back. Oh and hello gallery wall. You know I love you.

Chateau Chenonceau Chateau Chenonceau Chateau Chenonceau Chateau Cheverny Château de Cheverny, privately owned, the family lives in part of this castle. Imagine being those kids?

Chateau Cheverny Cheverny is also a hunting venue, this kennel apparently had about 100 French hounds. These guys were so damn cute I couldn’t even deal.

Chateau Cheverny Château de Chambord Château de Chambord, spiral staircase was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci

Château de Chambord Château de Chambord

It’s time for today’s 10 pics from Paris, spoiler berets make an appearance!

Have I told you lately that I love Paris? I have, haven’t I. Oddly, Dave and I have eaten Ramen three times already. I only recently realized I liked Ramen and now I’m addicted, and I’ve had the BEST Ramen I’ve EVER had here. So obviously that mean we should eat it like it was our job. We will be having it again too, cause the first place we had it was unreal.

Anyhoo, check out these fancy pics from the last few days walks through Paris!

Paris Trip How could I not take a picture of this handsome fella?

Paris Trip This is in the Palais Royale, right outside our apartment, a ballerina was doing a photoshoot.

Paris Trip I dunno, just a beautiful composition.

Paris Trip Paris Trip Paris Trip Ok, this ornate ridiculousness is the Chateau Versailles, it was of course just too much of absolutely everything. I kinda dig the fabric being used everywhere for the tone on tone look though.

Paris Trip Paris Trip Yep, Dave and I embracing all things Paris. And by embracing all things Paris, I meant borrowing some berets from some girls to do this amazing photoshoot. 🙂

Paris Trip Daffy does Paris.

Paris, I think I love you. 10 photos from my first few days in this amazing city.

I decided to go back and pull 10 of my faves from my first few days in Paris. For whatever reason I felt more drawn to taking tighter shots of beautiful storefronts or buildings, just seems more interesting to me and tells a better story than those big landscape shots. Not to say that landscape shots wouldn’t be beautiful, but it’s these little moments and scenes that keep catching my eye. These aren’t anywhere specific that I can remember but just some beautiful scenes while walking this amazing city.

Beautiful Paris Scenery Beautiful Paris Scenery Beautiful Paris Scenery [ I loved the contrast of the side of the building in the middle in relation to details of fronts of the other buildings here ]

Beautiful Paris Scenery [ One of my faves of the trip, the election was the Monday we got here, there are still posters up, I might frame the two of these ]

Beautiful Paris Scenery Beautiful Paris Scenery
Beautiful Paris Scenery Beautiful Paris Scenery Beautiful Paris Scenery [ This is simple perfection, every detail in the exact right place ]

Beautiful Paris Scenery Beautiful Paris Scenery



Today’s Top 10 Snaps from Paris!

Je suis tres inspirez!!! Ya ok, that’s probably not spelled right at all. Whatevs. Seriously though, the inspiration keeps coming here. I narrowed it down to my top 10 snaps from today’s travels to Cimetière du Père-Lachaise to see Jim Morrison’s grave (didn’t include the picture in my favourites), lots of walking to various places then the Musée national Picasso-Paris. Prendre plaisir (here’s to hoping Google translate has not failed me, but I’m sure it has).

Scenes from Paris Scenes from Paris [ View from a window in the Musée national Picasso-Paris ]

Scenes from Paris [ I might have enjoyed the aesthetic of this museum more than the art exhibit. ]

Scenes from Paris Scenes from Paris [ Possibly my new favourite picture from the trip ]

Scenes from Paris Scenes from Paris Scenes from Paris

Scenes from Paris Scenes from Paris

20 of the most Beautiful Parisian Doors

I had pretty high expectations for Paris, and I’m so happy to say it has absolutely surpassed my wildest dreams. Beauty absolutely everywhere. I snapped some shots of these gorgeous doors, I actually posted 21 doors because I just couldn’t couldn’t bear to cut one of these out.

More of my favourite photos from the trip to come, enjoy!

Wooden Paris Door Red Paris Door Blue Paris Door Red Paris Door Wooden Paris Door Blue Paris Door Wooden Paris Door Green Paris Door Paris Door Black Paris Door Wooden Paris Door Blue Paris Door Black Paris Door Blue Paris Door Green Paris Door Wooden Paris Door Green Paris Door Green Paris Door Red Paris Door Yellow Paris Door

A Weekend Adventure in Reykjavik, Iceland

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