5 Interior Design Trends I’m Hatin’ on for 2017

2017 Interior Design Trends

I shared with you my favourite 10 interior design trends of 2017, and now it’s time for the ugly. That’s right homies, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows over here. It’s time for this homie to get real about some of these trends.

Here’s the deal…some of these interior design trends you might like, and some you might already have in your home. *gasp!* Ha, jokes. That’s a good thing, because this stuff is personal and we all have opinions, and we won’t always agree. Thank god for that, because that would be boring, wouldn’t it.

Without further ado, the trends I poo-poo. (I’ll stop that right now.)

1) Mirrored coffee tables.

Mirrored dressers and consoles were huge around 2008. And now, some jerk decided in 2017 we should take this trend and regurgitate it all over our coffee tables.

I can’t handle the logistics. Constant cleaning (Fingerprints galore). Constantly seeing your face looking back at your while you’re trying to enjoy the Bachelor. Honestly, I don’t need to see my face (aka my chins) reflecting back at me reminding me that I ate one too many cookies over the holidays.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Casa Milano Home

[ Source Luxe

2) Iridescence.

We started seeing this trend in fashion in 2015 and 2016, and now designers like Tom Dixon and Patricia Urquiola have introduced it into our interiors. I get that things come full circle, but I don’t need a disco in my living room.

Or do I? I’m gonna have to think about this some more.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Tom Dixon ]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source ABC Carpet & Home ]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Patricia Urquiola ]

3) Moody Murals.

Wallpaper, yes. Murals, hard no. I could see this trend working well in a cafe or maybe a retail store selling outdoor gear, but on the residential front I’m just not into pretending the outdoors are in my living room. Feels a bit too fromage for me.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Scott Frances for Architectural Digest ] 

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source InsideOut ] 

4) Bright Green.

If you’ve been reading my blog, or you’re in my Facebook group than you know how I feel about the bright green trend. I think it’s a great colour is perfect for brands or commercial design (aka reminds me of the last two corporate jobs I had), but it’s just feel a bit too juvenile for me (aka me at 21, when I bought all of Ikea’s lime green stuff).

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source My Domaine

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Decor Pad

5) Terrazzo.

Flash backs of my elementary school floors are happening. Maybe that’s why I am not feeling the warm fuzzies here. I don’t mind the use of it with decor items which is easily changeable, but it wouldn’t be a finish of choice for my walls, counter or floors.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Iconist

So there you have it. The 2017 interior design trends, I’m just not that into. Comment below and let me know what trends you’re hatin’ on these days!


My Favourite Interior Design Trends for 2017

2017 Interior Design Trends

Writing this post makes me nostalgic.


Well, I launched my blog last January and one of the first blog posts I wrote was ‘My favourite decorating trends for 2016‘. I can’t help but think about how much has happened in the last year and where it all started. Right here on this very blog!

But it’s a new year, and it’s time for my new faves. Here are 10 of my favourite interior design trends for 2017.

Before you keep reading, I have a quick PSA…trends come and go, don’t get too caught up in this trend or that trend. Take them in, let them inspire you, but make sure you do you! Create a home that speaks to you, your personality, and can stand the test of time!

Got it? Ok good. Let’s do this!

1) Tropical fabrics and wallpaper.

Admittedly, this trend can most definitely take a terrible turn into crazy-town. But executed well, makes for a bold statement in a home that I love. Wether it’s wallpaper, upholstery or just a throw pillow, it’s screams personality. And that’s something I can get behind.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Rug Magazine]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Byron Bay Hanging Chairs]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Emily Ziz]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Tonic Living]

I recently infused a tropical feel into #projecthodgepodge‘s master bedroom, with this throw pillow from Tonic Living. Follow the link for some photos of this projects progress, and more photos to come once complete.

2) Mixing prints. 

I feel kind of bad that my first two trends aren’t the easiest to pull off, this one can also go from awesome to awful quickly! Interior decorating and design can be a tricky thing, which is why some looks are best left to the experts, that said, don’t get freaked out about mixing patterns (and other things like metals, woods, etc). The truth is, contrast and mixing is a good thing. It’s is the difference between a room that falls flat and a room that feels magazine worthy.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Emily Henderson]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Emily Henderson]

3) Herringbone Tile.

Whether it’s on the floor, backsplash or in a shower, this a a twist on traditional tiles that makes it interesting.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Decor Pad ]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Decor Pad ]

4) Penny-round tiles.

Yes. Just yessssss! I love, love, LURVVEEEE this look! ‘Nuff said.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Da Zeen]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Studio McGee]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[Source Unknown]

5) Blues, French ones and Navy ones.

To be honest, this was actually on my favourites of 2016, and we saw a lot of this throughout the year, but it’s being touted as a trend in 2017 and who am I to argue with these style gurus. So another big fat yes to dark saturated blues and a new yes to French blue.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source All the Pretty Things ]

I’m sad this photo is so grainy, but the sheer gorgeousness of these doors and shutters couldn’t be left out. Pure perfection.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Cedarhill Farmhouse ]

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Studio Surface Design ]

6) Nomadic Modern

I first fell in love with this style when I discovered Amber Interiors who as you might know is one of my favourite designers. It’s clean, it’s fresh and it’s well-traveled. So, you know…the antithesis of me. Ha.

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Amber Interiors ] 

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Amber Interiors ]

7) Open Closets

You know when someone (aka a publication or guru) tells you something is trendy after you’d already done it, and it makes you feel like a rock star? I decided to drop the closet doors at Project Cute Condo, because the size of the bedroom was too small and the bed was more or less directly in front of her closet. So, after cursing the closet I said the hell with the doors and opted for an open closet (Pictures to come when this project is completed as well!). The key to this though, is ensuring that the closet it worthy of no doors. To pull this off think “boutique”. You want all matching wooden hangers, great shelving, organization.

2017 Interior Design Trends 2017 Interior Design Trends

8) Texture.

I’m not really convinced this is a trend per-se, I mean, a key element to design is texture! That said, we are seeing more obvious textures everywhere and I for one, LOVE IT. Baskets, are one of my favourite ways to add texture in a room, I don’t just love the texture I also love how natural it feels in a space. But it doesn’t stop there, pleating, tufting, velvet are all great examples of how texture can really elevate a room.

2017 Interior Design Trends 2017 Interior Design Trends 2017 Interior Design Trends

9) Marble and Brass Combo

Can I get a HECK YES? Seriously…you know my thoughts on brass (if not I talked about it here), and while some are saying it’s out, and that a more muted and matte version of brass is in for 2017. And what pairs better with brass than some gorgeous marble.

Which reminds me of Project Pure Potential! We selected this awesome marble table for her living room and you better believe we’ll be pairing that up with some delicious brass accents.

[ Source Domino ]

2017 Interior Design Trends


10) Dark Green.

The antidote to the bright green trend of 2017 (sorry Pantone, I love ya, but I’m just not that into your colour of the year). However, I’m super on board with the dark green trend. It has such a sophisticated feel which I dig.

Spoiler-alert: I’ve already filled you in on one of my five “not-so-favourite” trends of 2017, stay tuned for that in the next week or so.

2017 Interior Design Trends

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source French by Design Blog

2017 Interior Design Trends

[ Source Emfurn

So, talk to me! What do you think about these trends? Love? Hate? Maybe you have some of your own trends you’re into, comment below and fill me in!

Colour Trends for 2017

Colour Trends for 2017

It’s December. That’s actually shocking to me. On November 2nd, I celebrated my one-year-not-working-for-the-man-iversary. An entire year of answering to only myself.

Well, myself and my amazing clients of course. They run a tight ship, just kidding, I honestly have the best clients of all time. You know who you are, and I love you all.

Oh, and if you’re not my client but you’re reading this, I love you too!

Ok, stay on task, Michelle!

It’s time to talk colour trends for 2017…à la Benjamin Moore and à la Pantone.

Let’s start with Benjamin Moore Shadow 

Benjamin moore Colour of The Year 2017 Benjamin moore Colour of The Year 2017 I’m so into this colour. First of all, I am in love with dark, saturated colours right now, they are a really beautiful contrast to my love of crisp, bright white walls.

But I wouldn’t paint just any room this colour, I would do an entryway, office, powder room, bedroom or even the front entryway door. I’ve been really drawn to using saturated colours as peekaboo colours in a home. Below is an example of what I mean.

I like the use of a saturated colour when you you have an open entryway connecting two rooms; one room is a really light colour but the attached room (the peekaboo room!) is a dark saturated colour.

Here’s some more colour trends from Benjamin Moore…I blogged about Gentleman’s Gray with last years trends.

Benjamin Moore Colour of The Year 2017

Let’s talk Pantone 15-0343 Greenery

Pantone's Colour of the Year

Pantone's Colour of the Year

I’m having mixed feelings about Pantone’s colour of the year, I’ve worked for two national franchise’s both of which used a very similar colour for their branding. It’s taking me back 10 or so years ago and gives me a corporate feel which I’m just not into as far as residential design goes. It’s not that I didn’t like those jobs or those companies, but I think it’s just putting me in a real corporate place. On the flip, I do really love the use of this colour in fashion!

So ya, mixed feelings.

Oh ma ga! I just remembered my lime-green phase after college! I had one of Ikea’s tv stands in lime green (tried to find it in google with no luck) and I had accents throughout my apartment. Ugh, I so loved that apartment, I wish I had photos. It was a bachelor apartment, and it was down the street from my favourite bar (Jim Bob’s for anyone from London, Ontario). Wow. Blast from the past or what.

Pantone's Colour of the Year

Ok, I’m back on task…I do like the use of it with this kitchen cabinetry, but I don’t love how all the colours come together in this space.

Would I ever recommend this colour for a client?

No, probably not.

Pantone's Colour of the Year


This wall colour is a hard no for me. I’m just not into bright colours like this for walls in a home, feels a bit juvenile, I would prefer to find a more neutral wall colour here and have this colour infused with the accents you see.

So, what do you think…

Yay or nay to Benjamin Moore’s Shadow?

Is Pantone’s Greenery just a bit too 10 years ago?

Let me know what you think!


My top 5 favourite products from Ikea’s 2017 catalog, you NEED to check these out!

ikea's 2017 catalog

Oh Ikea, how I love thee. Your furniture. Your pillows. Your ads. And now your Ikea 2017 catalog.

Remember this gem of a commercial?

So good, right?

I love that that Ikea products help me create budget-friendly spaces for my clients. No, I’m not going to furnish your entire space with Ikea, but if you’re on a budget, we can select some key investment pieces and infuse some gorgeous, stylish Ikea pieces to help finish the space, it’s the perfect solution to keep your budget in check.

And now, they have more options to help me do that! I was pumped when they launched their 2017 catalog, it does NOT disappoint, homies.

Here’s my favourite five new items from the 2017 Ikea catalog (available for purchase now!)

GRÖNADAL Rocking Chair GRÖNADAL Rocking Chair

The GRÖNADAL Rocking Chair $149 CAD

Holy crap. This is my absolute favourite of all the new products. Adding textural elements in a space is important to creating a space that feels polished. Couple this chair with a sheepskin throw or the perfect pillow and this bad boy is a designers dream.

This rocking chair is going to be used in a space soon, I promise you that! (Hey universe, bring me a space this can be used in!)

Here’s what Lisa Hilland, the designer has to say about this piece, “I designed GRÖNADAL with the idea of making a rocking-chair that unites unexpected meetings between materials and expressions. Rattan and ash are lively natural materials that age with grace, creating an interesting contrast to the powder-coated steel. The back and seat are handwoven using traditional techniques, while the airy shape connects to modern Scandinavian design.”

Nailed it Lisa!

GLADOM Tray Table
GLADOM Tray Table

The GLADOM Tray Table $29 CAD

This gem is available in two colours (green and yellow) and is the perfect modern table that is small enough to be used anywhere! Plus, the GLADOM tray table comes with a removable tray that looks nice by itself placed on an ottoman or wherever it’s used for serving. Whaaaat?!



I’ve already got ideas and plans for the ELVARLI storage system! I have a commercial project in the works that I think this might be the perfect solution for! This system can be used in a walk-in closet, or look absolutely stunning as an open concept closet or as a room divider.

So good Ikea, SO GOOD!


The SKOGSKLÖVER BLIND Starting from $19.99

The SKOGSKLÖVER Blind is affordable, whether you want to just use the blind for a more modern and minimalist look or pair this up with curtains and you’ve got the perfect polished look (and it comes in three colours!).

Affordable and stylish window treatments are always a hit in my book!

BLÅVINDA Duvet Cover
BLÅVINDA Duvet Cover


I love the casual and sophisticated look and feel of the BLÅVINDA Duvet Cover. It’s got a classic pinstripe that feels neutral, light and airy. Pair it with some killer throw pillows and your bedroom will transform into an oasis.

So what do you think? Want to see more, click here to check out the entire 2017 Ikea catalog!
Photos by IKEA

Backyard ideas that are nice on the eyes and the tastebuds!

Backard Ideas that are nice on the eyes and the tastebuds Last week, I attended the Home Depot Spring Preview, where I got a sneak peek at what’s new for spring at Home Depot along with some backyard ideas from Janette Ewen, Canada’s leading decor and lifestyle expert.

I’ve compiled her four trends for spring…spoiler alert…not only are they hot, but they are also tasty! That’s right, keep reading!

(And no, this is not a sponsored post, I’m just a girl passing along some valuable information on how to make your spring more stylish!)

Return to formality with a traditional British garden

Before I elaborate, it’s better to read this paragraph in a British accent, and if you’re like me, your British accent sounds a lot like your Australian accent, and to that I say…it doesn’t bloody matter, do it anyway! This trend is all about pergolas, gorgeous exterior pillows, flowers, and pretty teapots and teacups. Wouldn’t it be the dog’s bollocks to have the ladies over for a Saturday afternoon tea, under your pretty pergola? Cheerio, dahling.

Backyard Ideas - Traditional British Garden Backyard Ideas - Traditional British Garden

Put on your cutest stripes and relax in nautical surroundings

Ahoy, Home Depot! Kudos for bringing it, in the way of nautical themed exterior decor! I love throw pillows, and now my exterior throw pillows can look as pulled together outside as they do inside, and for that I salute you.

Backyard Ideas - Nautical, Preppy Theme Backyard Ideas - Nautical, Preppy Theme

Put out the rustic vibe

Rustic might be on the outs for your interior, but I say yes to incorporating this look to your exterior (doesn’t it must make more sense outside?). First on my list is this “firefly mason jar“. I just freaken’ love twinkle lights. ALL THE TWINKLE LIGHTS!

Backyard Ideas - Rustic Vibes Backyard Ideas - Rustic Vibe Backyard Ideas - Rustic Vibes

Gimme s’more (aka the best of all the backyard ideas)

This is the tasty trend I was talking about earlier. That’s right, s’mores are coming to a backyard near you. If you want a surefire way to ensure people attend your barbecue this year? Tell them there’s a s’more station. #nailedit

Backyard Ideas - Gimme S'more Backyard Ideas - Gimme S'more

Check out these amazing items that will spruce up any backyard!

Backyard Ideas - Home Depot Items

1. Outdoor Pillow | 2. Outdoor Pillow | 3. Solar Glass Mason Jar | 4. Bistro Set | 5. Outdoor Pillow |  6. Outdoor Pillow | 7.Outdoor Pillow | 8. Outdoor Rug

Interior Design - Work with Me

Have you started prepping your backyard for spring? Will you incorporate any of these trends this year?

My Favourite Decorating Trends for 2016


Yeah, it’s February and I’m pretty late to the party on this one. Let’s just call it “fashionably late”. So in my fashionably-late fashion, I’ve compiled my top 10 decorating trends for 2016, I’ve selected the trends that can easily and affordably be incorporated into your home. So get ready cause these are my best-of-the-best, my fave-of-the-faves decorating trends of the year.

1) Metallic Accents (aka my favourite decorating trend)

I had to start with my favourite decorating trend, I am super, and I mean suuuupppperr into gold accents right now. They add a bit of glam to any home. I’ve got a can of spray paint on stand by, waiting to transform a few of my existing objects into the perfect metallic accents. Maybe you’re into gold, like me, or maybe it’s silver or bronze. Maybe all of them! You know what? It doesn’t matter, go ahead and mix ’em up, cause that’s “in” right now as well. There’s a few ways to master the mix, you might choose a one dominant metal, then a constrasting metal as an accent. Or you could separate the metals by height in your room. Objects on the wall (higher portion of the room) could be silver, while the accents on coffee table and side tables (lower portion of the room) are gold, this way they compliment each other without fighting each other. Just google “how to mix metals” and you’re well on your way.


A. Indigo | B. Ikea | C. Ikea | D. Indigo | E. Anthropologie | F. Structube | G. West Elm | H. CB2 | I. Indigo | J. Anthopologie | K. West Elm

2) Dark Colours

This year we’re going to see a move towards richer, darker shades. Dark walls are going to make statements like never before! What I love about this trend, is metallic accents work really well in contrast and add pop.  decoratingtrend-darkpaint Benjamin Moore Colours: Gentleman’s Gray | Stonecutter | Chrome Green | Vintage Wine | Caponata | Black

3) Consignment Furniture and Decor

More and more furniture consignment options are popping up, providing more options for used furniture and decor. This is a great way to find really unique pieces for a fraction of the cost. A few Toronto-based shops include; Elle and Eve, Transition Squad, A Changing Nest, The Singing Lady.

4) Scandinavian-Inspired Design

Yes!!!!! So much yes, this style is the perfect combination of simplicity, minimalism and functionality.


5) Intricate Wallpaper

Wallpaper has gotten a bad rap in the past. Luckily, it’s evolved a lot. There are so many incredible designs that can transform a room from ‘meh’ to ‘heck yeah!’. Not to mention it’s easier to install and remove than it used to be. From guided metallic wallpaper (be still my heart!) to intricate designs. This is an easy and affordable way to make a statement in any room.

Top left: Urban Outfitters | Top right: West Elm | Bottom left: Walmart | Bottom right: Graham Brown

Other wallpaper retailers: Home Depot, Target (sorry Canada, if you’re like me, you’re still grieving this loss), Anthropologie, Rollout

6) Oversized Art

Move over gallery walls ’cause oversized art is back! I’ve always loved huge art on a wall. It’s simple, contemporary and packs a huge punch. Plus, you can say good-bye to the anxiety associated with the stress of hanging gallery wall (is that just me?). But please, under no circumstances should you ever, and I mean ever, buy that huge Audrey Hepborn canvas at Ikea. Ok? Ok.

Oversized art can get pricey, but there are affordable options. The look in the picture above can be acheived easily and affordably by purchasing a large Ribba frame from Ikea ($24.99), and finding a poster online ($38.99). Make sure the size fits the frame, and don’t stress if it’s too big you can always cut it down to fit. Easy-peezy, oversized art for only $70.75.

A few online retailers I like are; EtsyAll Posters , Society6 and Minted. If you know of any other great online options for art (bonus points for Canadian companies*) post them in the comments! *By bonus points, I really just mean virtual high fives.

If you’re techy, you could also design something yourself and have it printed at Staples or any local printer. And if you want to get really creative, buy a large canvas and paint something abstract.

7) Mixing Old and New 

I love the look of mixing old with new, this is something I am looking to incorporate into my home. It adds so much more personality. Plus, what’s great about this trend, is that it’s super easy create this look on a budget (ahem, remember number 3?).

8) Bring in Green

I’m gonna be honest. I’ve avoided real plants, I kill them. I’ve killed bamboo, succulents and I’d probably kill a cactus if I had the chance. I’m ashamed to say I’ve gone the faux route. Till now. Life is an important element of any space, and I’m determined to make it happen in my home (and my clients homes). So, this trend is being added to my 2016 goals, stay tuned for a future blog post on this topic. Feel free to share your experience with plants and what ones are the hardest to kill. Cause those are gonna be my jam.

9) Funky Facades

That’s right, take your Ikea favourites and turn them into something completely different. Now you can furnish your home with ikea, without everyone knowing, now there’s a trend I can get behind! So, have some fun and reface a piece of furniture from ikea, or you can find something used. This is a fun way to add pattern or texture (or maybe even a metallic accent…the obsession is real, folks) into your home.


10) Statement Mirrors in Bathrooms

First of all, I think every room needs a statement piece. Now, you don’t want to go over the top, some rooms might have something more in your face, while others are a bit more subtle. Ideally, the statement piece says something about your personality. If your house is missing statement pieces then it’s time to start thinking about how to incorporate something that makes people talk, and makes you smile! Thank you trend number 10, for giving us the kick we need to get this started! statement-mirrors A. Urban Barn  | B. Crate&Barrel  |  C. Anthropologie  |  D. Ikea  |  E. CB2

So there you have it. The best-of-the-best, the fave-of-the-faves. I’d love to hear what you love or hate about about my top 10 list, or what your favourites are. Don’t be shy, let me know in the comments. And stay tuned next week, for my first video. It’s sure to be a whole lot of embarrassing, but I hope also provide some great tips on how to incorporate trends into your home.

Interior Design - Work with Me


[Image Sources] Title: Bolig | Scandinavian-Inspired Design: House Beautiful Photo by Annie Schlechter, Domino |  Scandinavian-Inspired Design Image 2: Camilla Molders Design | Oversided Art: Claire Stevens Interior Design | Bring In Green: Kristina Wolf Design, Los Angeles Media & Bloggers Dabito | Funky Facades: Overlays