Project Mary Street: Inspiration for a beautiful lilac entryway

I’ve started a new, very different project, one that has me so excited I’m not sleeping at night because it’s literally ALL I THINK ABOUT! I’m helping Davelle Morrison and Lani Fumerton, local realtors here in Toronto, decorate their 6-apartment Airbnb guesthouse in Prince Edward County. And let me tell you, these apartments are full of insane potential! I went to check them out last Friday and I felt like I was squealing the whole time.

// Look at this place! So cute! //

The first order of business was to select a colour for the front doors. As you can see all the doors are different bold colours right now. We’ve decided to make all the doors the same colour, the deep green roof does drive the colour selection, my first inclanation was a soft pink.

// how can you not love this beautiful door / source //

// A soft lilac is perfect for this building / source //

After some research of other Airbnb’s and hotels in the area we learned that another hotel already has pink exterior doors, so we went back to the drawing board. At first my heart broke, because I loved that pink door, I loved it so much! But after thinking about it, pink is so insanely popular right now that this is a good way to be stand out.