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This is perfect if you’re a do-it-yourselfer but you’re stuck and need help with some key decisions. The consultation can help you gain the clarity you need to finally make progress in your home. We’ll talk about your decorating dilemmas, whatever your barrier, let’s overcome it together, so you can start creating a home you love.

I’ll put together the Consultation Summary which is a list of suggestions to help you take action following the consultation. The Consultation Summary is yours at the summation of the consultation.

I’ll provide advice and feedback on some of the following…
How to determine your style  //  Add personality into your space  //  Defining your budget
Space planning (using existing furniture & new)  //  Paint colours or a colour scheme
Artwork and placement  //  Gallery wall(s)  //  Lighting ideas
Furniture recommendations  //  Rugs and window treatments ideas
Accessorizing and styling tips  //  How and where to create a focal point

$350 +tax

Interior Designer Toronto Every design project begins with an in-home 2-hour working session. During this session you’ll take me throughout the spaces to be decorated and any additional spaces that may impact the design. We’ll discuss your needs, goals and budget, you’ll ask any questions you have and I’ll give you my thoughts and ideas for the space and things that can be done to improve it both functionally and aesthetically.

The consultation is a key step in the project as it helps lay the groundwork for a successful project. This is where we can ensure I put together the best design plan to meet your needs. I will also discuss my mission statement, my 15-step process and review the terms in the letter of agreement.

Following the consultation I will send you the Design Proposal which outlines the scope of work, design fees and payment schedule (this is not a design plan). You can expect the proposal about two to three days following the consultation.

$350 +tax