Frequently Asked Questions


[left]What does the process look like?
We’ll start with a discovery call which helps us get to know each other a little bit. I’ll ask about your project, your goals and what you want to achieve, and you can ask me any questions you have.

From there we’ll schedule a consultation, this is a working session for up to two hours. During this session I’ll learn more about your project needs, goals and budget. I’ll tour the spaces to be decorated and any other spaces that might be relevant to your design plan. During this working session I will provide valuable guidance and tips. We will also review my process and the terms of my Letter of Agreement.

What is happens during the ‘Discovery Call’?
The discovery call is a 15-minute no-obligation call, where we’ll chat about your project. We’ll discuss any challenges you’re facing and what you want to accomplish with your space. You can ask any questions you have, and if it’s a good fit we’ll schedule the 1-hour consultation. Click here to book your free discovery call now!

What happens at the consultation?
The goal of the consultation is to get a better sense of what it would be like to work together. You’ll take me on a tour of your home, even the rooms we’re not decorating, so I can get a sense of your style and how it will all come together. We’ll discuss at greater length your project needs, vision, budget, challenges, timeframe and expectations. I’ll give you a few ideas as we go through your space, then I’ll give you an overview of what it looks like to work with me. Following the consultation I will send you a proposal.

How long does a typical project take?
The length of the project varies depending on the scope of work, but it can take anywhere from two weeks to 12 weeks. The timeframe will be discussed at the beginning of your project.

Will you work within my budget?
Absolutely! I will work with whatever budget you provide. Additionally, I will help you understand what you will get for that budget and if necessary, I can help you establish a suitable budget to meet your goals and needs. My role is to make the best possible use of your budget and your space in order to meet your goals.

Can I use my existing furniture?
For sure! Many clients own furniture, art or accessories which hold sentimental value to them. Great design shows your personality and tells a story, and the best way to do this is with pieces that have meaning. That being said, my role is also to create a functional, comfortable space, to ensure this happens, I’ll be honest and let you know what works and what doesn’t. It may mean that something needs to move to another room or space where it’ll be better suited.

I don’t see what I need listed, can you customize a plan for me?
I would love to customize a plan for you! Schedule a discovery call and I can get a better idea of what you’re looking. [/left]

[right]Do you deal with renovations or custom-work?
For the most part no. My area of specialty is decorating and making the best use of the existing space and budget by focusing on simple changes. This includes things such as paint, furniture and light fixtures. In some cases though, I will recommend built-in shelving or small changes which would require the help of trades.

Do you do work outside of Toronto?
Yes! I travel up to 45 minutes outside of Toronto and also offer virtual design packages. If you’re interested in working with me, but live outside the Toronto area, schedule a discovery call and we can chat about your needs and we can sort out the details from there.

How involved do I need to be in the design process?
This is completely up to you! I find that my clients generally fall into two categories; those who want to be a part of the process and those who don’t. That being said, it’s important that the space reflects your personality and style, so I will present you with options and you can select which is the best fit for you.

Who do you typically work with?
Most of my clients are people who want help creating a home they love. They either struggle with the decorating process, or they simply don’t have time. They are ready to finally make progress and create a home they are proud of.

Do you have a signature style?
While I do have certain styles that I am drawn to, I work with my clients to create a space that reflects their personality, style and goals.

What are your design fees?
Every project is different, with this in mind we start every project with a discovery call and consultation to really understand the goals and scope of the project. Consultations are $300 for up to two hours. Following the consultation I will provide a proposal which outlines the fees for your project.

What if I just need help with something small, like a floor plan or selecting paint?
I can help with small projects as well, to determine the best way to move forward schedule a 15-minute discovery call and we can chat about next steps!

Is decorating a good investment?
Absolutely. Loving and being proud of your home can have a positive impact on your life and mindset. It brings a sense of pride and calm. It helps you connect, entertain, celebrate and grow, not to mention it can also increase the value of your home!

How do I get started?
Getting started is easy, just schedule your 15-minute discovery call and we can chat about your project and discuss next steps. [/right]