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“We did a mini-makeover with Michelle, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made for our home. As instructed, we created a long wish list of items to discuss over 3 hours, which we didn’t think we would be able to get through. However, Michelle came in with so much energy and motivation that we finished everything and even had 5 minutes left. During this short time, Michelle was able to create two different layouts for living and dining space, advise on furniture (couch, armchair, TV bench, coffee table, dining room table, dinner table + chairs, dining room storage, and kitchen storage), advise on decor (paint colour, light fixtures, lamps, plants, artwork and placement), and even provide some quick tips for designing our den. In addition, she sent us the notes, floor plans, and a Pinterest board within hours of our appointment. We are incredibly happy with Michelle’s work, which completely exceeded our expectations. We are motivated and determined to follow through with our design plans and am looking forward to a whole new space. We hope to work with Michelle again in the future and would highly recommend her and her work. Thank you again for a wonderful and productive mini-makeover!”