Twinkle light inspiration for a backyard oasis

I LOVEEEEEEE twinkle lights. I love twinkle lights at weddings, twinkle lights in a dive bar, and definitely twinkle lights in my backyard! I’ve always had a few twinkle lights in my backyard, but this year I’m looking to take the twinkle to new levels. Wayfair Canada was nice enough to send me these amazing lights to help with the levelling up.

Backyard Twinkle Lights

I’ve been searching for inspiration and tips to help me figure out the best way to hang these in my backyard when I don’t have a whole lot to trees or poles to attach them to! Check out these amazingly twinkly droll-worthy backyards. Keep scrolling for a link to a great article on how to hang your lights if your backyard is similar to mine!

This is my backyard, currently I have lighting on the fence behind the table, but I’d like to be able to hang more! More is more here, peeps.

[ Source: Home Depot ]
So cute, looks like they’ve just added lights to the parameter of the deck.

[ Source: Refinery 29 ]
Ok, this is technically a restaurant, but this could totally be a backyard, and if this was my backyard, I would never leave.

[ Source: Apartment Therapy ]
I adore how clustery these lights are, on an unrelated note, these green chairs are cah-ute!

[ Source: Pinterest ]
The only thing possibly better than twinkle lights, is twinkle lights paired with a hammock!
I need a hammock in my life, like, yesterday. A quick Wayfair search presented me with this gem (aka chair hammock) , which I’m pretty sure I’m going to purchase and hang to the right of the sliding doors. My next BBQ isn’t going to know what hit it!

[ Source: Nichol Naranjo ]
Twinkle lights meet a boho vibe. Yes please!

[ Source: The Tiny Canal Cottage ]
This is just so quaint, I absolutely love how cozy this is (and the pooch doesn’t hurt)!

[ Source: Southern State of Mind ]
I’m thinking this is how I’m going to hang my lights, the blog says they just nailed in some 2×2’s to the railing to give them something to hook to on the opposite side of the house and apparently they have lasted over 3 years. This sounds like a project I can handle.

If you have a similar backyard mine, but want the magical vibe of twinkle lights, check out this blog for tips on how to use ‘pine 2X2s’ to make it happen.


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