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toronto full service interior design As an interior decorator my focus is on the interior of your pre-existing space. This means I’m helping you transform your existing space without a lengthy, costly renovation or I’m making sure your furnishings and décor match your new renovation. I take on projects of any size, whether it’s an entire home or just one room. My goal is to help you create a home that reflects the mood, vibe and personality you’ve always wanted, think of me as a stylist for your home! Full-service design means that you can sit back while I take care of everything. I’ll present you with a concept and design, then with your approval I bring that concept to life for you.

My Three-Phase Approach

It’s not just about a beautiful home, but it’s also about an efficient process to get you to that beautiful home. With that in mind I’ve created a simple three-phase process that delivers the best results.

Consultation & Intake

Every project begins with an in-home working session. This important step sets the tone for the project. We’ll discuss your needs, goals, budget and any questions you have. Together we’ll brainstorm and discuss ideas for the space to meet your goals. By the end of the intake phase we’ll have a vision of your space, style and goals, and I’ll take that information to customize the plan to suite your needs.

  • Phase 1: Concept Development & Design: This phase starts with a kick-off visit where we’ll discuss your goals further and measurements will be taken. If necessary various trades (painters, handyman, window installer, etc) will also be there to assess the space and provide quotes for any work required. I then get to work on designing your space with your budget and goals in mind. This phase takes several weeks and ends with a digital presentation of all furniture, fabrics, lighting, paint and finishes selected, accompanied with samples to help you better visualize the end result.
  • Phase 2: Support & Execution: After approval of design, we’ll do a dance and then I’ll get started on bringing that vision to life. Orders are placed and tracked, and budgets are updated. If you are painting, installing wallpaper or having things custom built, this is where construction takes place. I will manage the project to ensure everything moves forward, and when the inevitable hiccup happens (and it will), I’ll be there to ensure we deal with it accordingly.
  • Phase 3: Finishing Touches: This final phase is really what truly makes your house your home, by adding the finishing touches that adds style and personality (not to mention become magazine-worthy!). This package is done as a reveal, you leave for the day and come home to a fully decorated room, HGTV styles

Fee based on the scope of the project.