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toronto full service interior design Full service means we’re there every step allowing you to sit back while we take care of everything. Decorating can be overwhelming and full of decisions that impact other decisions. We’ll present you with a concept and design, then with your approval we’ll bring that concept to life for you.

Our Three-Phase Approach

It’s not just about a beautiful home, but it’s also about an efficient process to help bring that beautiful home to life. With that in mind we’ve created a simple three-phase process that delivers the best results.

Every project begins with an in-home consultation. This important step sets the tone for the project. We’ll discuss your needs, goals, budget and any questions you have. Together we’ll brainstorm and discuss ideas for the space to meet your goals. By the end of the intake phase we’ll have a vision of your space, style and goals, and use that information to customize the plan to suite your needs.

Phase 1: Project Initiation

  • STEP 1 Consultation: with Michelle Binette
  • STEP 2 Project Acceptance: Signing of agreement, receipt of first payment, scheduling of Kick-off Visit and Style Session

Phase 2: Research, Design, Presentation

  • STEP 3 Kick-off: on-site measurements of room(s)/furniture, photos, followed by the Style Survey and Session
  • STEP 4 Design/documentation: execution of floor plan(s) and elevations, sourcing goods and services, procuring estimates
  • STEP 5 Presentation: visual display of furnishings and materials, presentation of estimates
  • STEP 6 Refinements: execution and presentation of any refinements, once items are approved execution fees (Phase 3) are determined

Phase 3: Execution Phase

  • STEP 7 Order placement: assessment of delivery lead times, furnishings proposals are sent and approved, orders are placed
  • STEP 8 Construction/painting (if applicable): onsite meeting/management with trades people
  • STEP 9 Furniture installation/styling: furniture is delivered and placed, accessories budget is established, accessories are purchased, spaces are revealed to client and any unused items are returned
  • STEP 10 Project closure: final invoices are issued, any additional documentation is provided


Fee based on the scope of the project
(minimum project design fee is $3500)